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SmartTrader: Reinventing the Way We Trade

With so many different Forex trading software packages out there it is becoming hard to choose which one you should use. SmartTrader is one of the more  being used today and more than that still the number one choice for many a Forex trader.

Using SmartTrader to Leverage Trades

  • Unlike many of the trading platforms available, when it comes to SmartTrader, usability and a user-friendly interface is one of its key advantages. This platform is easy to use and easy to understand, from initial setup to testing strategies using the built-in strategy tester.
  • Another aspect of the trading platform is its charting capabilities. SmartTrader once again simplifies things for you as the trader, in the sense that it allows you to do your technical analysis on the chart and then open and monitor your trades on the same chart.
  • The platform includes more than 50 built-in indicators, however, one that it lacks is the Pivot Points, but don’t worry you can get them from the built in market.
  • As far as brokers are concerned SmartTrader is extremely flexible in the sense that the majority of brokers allow you to use SmartTrader as your trading platform.
  • Meta Trader has an amazing market place where you can buy an array of scripts, custom indicators, trading signals and Expert Advisors, but not all of these are for sale, some of them are free.
  • Available on various operating systems including iOS and mobile trading.
  • Some of the other features includes but is not limited to you being able to trade almost any currency pair your broker offers, commodities and indices.

SmartTrader is considered to be one of the best Forex trading software available and is being used by millions of traders around the globe. You can also interact with some of the other users in the MQL4 community.

Before I go off and highlight the weaknesses, did I mention it is free?

When I said to highlight the weaknesses, there isn’t much you can criticize SmartTrader on, the look is getting a little old now, but one of the more pressing concerns is: Will Meta Trader be able to keep up with some of the newer trading platforms out there? If you don’t mind the Windows 98 look of the GUI, I am pretty convinced that this ultra customizable platform will in-fact still be one of the favorites and one of the best and most versatile platforms 10 years down the line.

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